Comillas Pontifical University founded in 1890, is one of the oldest and most renowned  universities in Spain. Headquartered in Madrid, with campuses in Cantoblanco and  Ciempozuelos, Comillas becomes the latest university to select the platform.  Welcome to the Comillas Conecta Lab

The university was seeking a superior and more engaging and immersive technology  for its new facility in order to deliver programmes for its graduate and post-graduate  cohorts. The Room of the Future was chosen as part of a new initiative to  provide a world-class teaching and learning hybrid environment for students and faculty. 

The Comillas Conecta Lab is a flexible space that accommodates students both  remotely and on-campus, to collaborate in a more personalized manner, regardless  of location. The large 18 screen UHD video wall, in a 6×3 layout, renders 40 life-size  images of remote students in Real-time. The exceptional low latency and mashme’s  ‘shared memory’ patented technology enables natural conversation to flow between all  participants. Presenters can switch seamlessly between content without delay, share  material, collaborate on documents and participate in polls as if they were all sitting in  the classroom.  

“The installation of the Room of the Future is part of an ambitious initiative  that Comillas Conecta Lab constitutes. As a space for educational innovation, it aims to  offer a unique training experience to students and teachers, in which the educational  objectives are delivered in a more effective and profound way, explains Antonio Obregón  García, Vice-Rector for Academic Planning and Teaching Staff. We take further steps in  our purpose of integrally training students by using the most appropriate resources at  our disposal, as is undoubtedly the case with the Room of the Future. “ 

The Room of the Future technology was designed from inception to deliver solutions for  higher education and corporate training. As such, the feature-rich platform  is continually being developed to meet the needs of the demanding and accelerated  growth within the edtech sector.  

“It is always an honour to be selected by well renowned learning institutions such as  Comillas, and to play a part in the delivery of excellence in education. I am delighted  that the mashme team has the opportunity to work with such experienced faculty and  learning technologists”, says Victor Sánchez, CEO and Co-Founder of  

About Universidad Pontificia Comillas  

The Universidad Pontificia Comillas is a Catholic university, run by the Society of Jesus,  based in Madrid and has campuses in Madrid, Cantoblanco and Ciempozuelos. It was  founded in Comillas in 1890. It is one of the most renowned universities in Spain. A large  number of managers, businessmen, politicians, jurists, researchers and senior officials  of the Spanish Administration are either alumni or have taught at the university. The  University is especially relevant in the business field: from the Ranking Forbes 50 best  CEOs in Spain 2018, ten were Comillas alumni. Likewise, numerous high-ranking officials  of the Catholic Church, theologians and canonists have passed through its classrooms. 

About SyncRTC  

SyncRTC is a global company headquartered in the US specializing in cloud-based video  collaboration. Its platform, and associated solutions including Room of the  Future, have created a new paradigm in training and education by enabling integrated  real-time online multimedia collaboration with many-to-many live video interactions.  Leading corporations, universities and business schools worldwide are using SyncRTC’s  technology to create immersive, simulated educational environments that serve as a  virtual alternative to in-person meetings, training sessions, and educational programmes.  

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