Coronavirus – to the rescue

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As news of the spread of Coronavirus cases continues to dominate the world’s headlines, it was refreshing to be able to deliver an instant solution to one of mashme’s UK customers that contacted us recently.

Text supplied by Genius Solutions Ltd t/a Languages Training & Development. to the rescue

“David, one of Languages Training & Development’s Senior Teachers, recently returned from a business trip to Italy. Shortly after he began to feel a little unwell. Although the opinion of the GP was that his symptoms were not Coronavirus, he decided to self isolate as a precaution.

Normally, this would have caused significant disruption, but by using mashme’s Remote Professor function, David was able to deliver his planned sessions from home.

Over the coming months the mashme system and the Remote Professor feature in particular, will allow Languages Training & Development to maintain its service to students, even if students or teachers are required to self isolate.

We are pleased we can play our part in preventing the spread of Covid 19 (Coronavirus) by making traveling on public transport and congregating in classrooms unnecessary.”

Phil Davies, MD Languages Training & Development –
LT&D Selects to Power Their Portable Digital Classroom

The need for remote learning to go mainstream suddenly appears more of a necessity.

As of March 2020, we do not yet know if the widespread shutdown of schools, universities and business schools will be necessary, nor how much restriction corporations will place on executive travel long term, but even if this proves to be a temporary disruption, as indeed we hope it will, the passing imperative for remote interactive communication will raise awareness of how technology could in the future allow a massive paradigm shift in learning practices.

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