9 years ago we started mashme.io with the ambition to bring immersive video collaboration experiences to as many people as possible. Today I am happy to announce that we have been acquired by LoopUp to continue working together towards that objective.

As of today, we will join the LoopUp family. LoopUp are experts in cloud telephony and passionate about remote events and we are excited to combine our two very talented teams. Together we can deliver better versions of existing products as well as new ones.

To all mashme.io customers and/or partners, thank you for trusting us with 26M+ minutes of your time. The number one goal in our new home is to deliver to you better products and services and we look forward to continuing working together.

I have been saying for years that companies do not exist, only the people that work for them do. My greatest achievement is and will always be the team I have gathered around our company, your work, talent, and dedication has inspired me every day without exception. Thank you.

When I started my role as CEO coming from an engineering background I lacked many fundamental skills, time is a great teacher but Andrew Stott is a much better one. He was not only my first investor but my personal MBA, and today I am lucky to call him a friend.

With Andrew many other investors came along over time and they all shared a supportive attitude, trust in our mission, and a sincere love for our team. We could not have asked for better investors to share this journey with. It would have not existed without them.

To my co-founders that have been not only my friends but a constant source of support when I needed it the most, thank you as well, Juan Quemada, Eulogio Naz thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Starting, managing, and selling a company is an incredible but tough adventure. I have been able to do it because I have a great family, girlfriend, and friends by my side; they made me who I am, so if you have any complaints, I can provide their numbers…

This was never the finish line but a milestone, Steve Flavell and Mike Hughes, Co-CEO’s at LoopUp saw in the @mashmeio path a lot of hard work and great stories. But the reason we are announcing this today is that we have a common promising path forward to deliver excellent solutions to millions.

Thank you LoopUp for receiving the mashme.io team and Room of the Future products with open arms. Here is to our bright future together!

Víctor Sánchez