With January 2021 almost behind us, and the mashme team already delivering further enhancements to the platform, it’s time to take a moment to reflect on last year’s key developments as well as the continued evolution of the mashme.io Room of the Future product.

Last year began with some strategic consolidation and general interface improvements, before moving at a break-neck pace to deliver a range of features, including additional roles to support new use cases and advancements in the platform’s functionality. The service soon scaled seamlessly to meet the demands of increased traffic as we deployed into new territories around the globe. Customers continued to select mashme for their education and corporate training requirements, resulting in the engagement of key, local partners to support the company’s continued growth.

We are delighted to be entering 2021 with further platform improvements. Q1 will see the introduction of iOS support for the iPad and iPhone, as well as further advances in session management, delivering an enhanced user experience.

Our partners will also soon benefit from the launch of the mashme.io Partner Portal. We are dedicated to working with skilled partners to support mashme.io Room of the Future solutions and we are delighted to make this excellent resource available to them.

But most important of all, we want to thank our growing mashme family of customers, partners, suppliers, and investors, for their continued support and collaboration. Please keep well, stay safe in 2021, and let’s continue to collaborate.

We value you all.


Here follows a snapshot of role improvements and key integrations from 2020 and our starting point. For further information please contact your account manager or email one of the mashme.io team [email protected].

We listened carefully to the feedback from our customers, and from a product perspective, we took the approach to introduce new and elevate existing user roles, to increase control and add flexibility to the platform. We improved the functionality of each user’s experience for enhanced engagement, ease of use, and added some helpful tools to each of the following: Presenters, Remote Presenters, Assistants, Translators, and of course, our Participants.


New option to Screenshare, moderated by session managers

New option to lock the Mic-On to speak hands-free

More information about Online People (Presence, Raised Hands, Remote Presenters, and much more…)


Screenshare permission, Raised Hands, Block mics and cameras, clear chat, etc.

New option to end Break Out Rooms on demand



Any number of remote presenters can be added to join a session

Remote and on-site presenters can collaborate together in all apps and room content

Remote presenters can also moderate the session (Lower hands, enable Screensharing or mute participants, etc.)


A teaching or technical assistant can be added to join a session and help the presenters

The assistant is able to collaborate with on-site or remote presenters to support many session dynamics



Translators can join a session with a suite of tools to follow and translate the session

All participants can select at any time the language they  listen to from all available



Google Drive

New integration with Google Drive
to import content for an integrated
and seamless user experience.

Web Analytics

All traffic received in the organization can be
forwarded to a preferred web analytics tool
to gain insights about users.

Canvas User Integration

Canvas integration will allow administrators
to push participants from a Canvas course
even taking advantage of user groups.


Single Sign-On is being used by most of our
customers to provide a better and faster identity
management and user experience.