scales up instantly to meet increased client demand

By 03/12/2020Learning, Press

On March 10th, the Spanish government announced the regional closures of schools and universities for the Community of Madrid, Vitoria and La Rioja from March 11th for 14 days, in order to help the containment of Coronavirus. Room of the Future customer, IMF Business School based in Madrid, called us urgently requesting a solution.

IMF was utilizing mashme technology (named the “LiveRoom” in IMF) to deliver their postgraduate and corporate training programmes to enterprise clients, however, news of an imminent shutdown meant the business school needed to scale up their virtual classroom offering to also accommodate students remotely on graduate and postgraduate courses. In addition, faculty were also required to connect remotely. was able to flex the existing Room of the Future installation allowing IMF to increase their virtual classroom capacity by 8 fold and faculty were enabled to teach from their homes.

IMF Academic Institution CEO, Carlos Martínez said, “Keeping our students safe is our priority. Following the guidelines set by the Madrid Regional Government, we have canceled all classroom sessions. IMF with our “LiveRoom”, is fully prepared and adapted to teach classes remotely in this situation. Therefore, our students will have their classes as usual” CEO, Víctor Sánchez commented, “We are pleased that could play a part in delivering a solution in 24h for IMF in what is proving a challenging period for many schools and businesses.”

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