Watching the world get smaller,
one Room of the Future at a time…


In 2019, we saw student demand for a flexible, engaging and cost-effective approach to eLearning dominate CIO agendas within our university and business school communities. Our corporate clients continued to seek solutions to improve training efficiencies with technology advancements while promoting green credentials.

With a record number of Room of the Future solutions deployed in 2019, we see no let-up for 2020.

So, what makes the Room of the Future solution the choice for so many high profile institutions and international corporations? is the sole source of Room of the Future (RoF) software. A SaaS based video collaboration platform accessed via a web browser, highly optimized to support higher education and corporate training, delivering immersive engagement to remote and hybrid virtual training room environments.

The mashme solution is specifically designed to enable remote attendees to access a virtual digital classroom, where each remote participant is rendered to a video wall in near life-size UHD video. This digital classroom delivers real-time collaboration from student to student, and between student and presenter, using a public access network. Up to 160 remote participants can be supported in a session, depending on the size of the solution deployed.

Here follows an outline of the unique attributes of the Room of the Future solution:

  • is a browser-based UI that utilises WebRTC (web real-time communications) and HTML5, meaning there are no applications for the remote participant to install.
  • The UI and UX are constantly being improved and updated based upon customer experiences and feedback, ensuring consistency and ease of use.
  • solutions can support both local and remote students within the same virtual classroom.
  • The number of video streams delivered to each student can be tailored to suit specific educational and training needs. There is no real limit other than the capability of the remote participant’s internet connection, their PC, and the size of the images that are being rendered.
  • Dynamic break-out rooms in are in “round-table” mode allowing participants, even without a remote lecturer present, to upload and share applications with their peers.
  • Multimedia files can be downloaded from the virtual classrooms and break-out rooms, in their original format (subject to permission from the content owner).
  • Session recording is available for all virtual classrooms, pre-programmed or dynamically.
  • The mashme software delivers a comprehensive post-session analytics dashboard which enables customers to interrogate datapoints to meet their individual requirements. Facial analysis can also provide more instant feedback on student participation and engagement.
  • mashme provides visual feedback to the lecturer in the form of various tools displayed on the video wall. These include visual cues for the active speaker, voting and poll results, raised-hands, chat, classroom count-down timer, and a recording indicator.
  • A mute all feature exists allowing the presenter to control audience interruptions and background noise.
  • A powerful admin portal enables customers to manage their RoF environment.
  • mashme Single Sign-On (SSO) integration is available upon request.

Designed specifically from the outset, for use within the education and corporate training sector, team continues to listen to our customer’s requirements and develop new features and enhancements to the platform.

A number of advanced features are implemented within our Premium Licence offering:

  • Translation
  • Teaching & Support Assistant (dynamic session management)
  • Facial Analytics

Watch this space for more Room of the Future news and platform enhancements, including LTI interface for LMS integration.

Wishing good health and prosperity to our growing mashme community for 2020…one Room of the Future at a time.

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